Detecting Evoked Potentials for Language Processing

In January 2021, Prof. Stephen M. Wilson – a neuroscientist in Vanderbilt University’s Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences – launched The Language Neuroscience Podcast series, devoting individual episodes to probing, informative one-hour interviews with leading investigators across the globe about their research into the neuroanatomy and the neurophysiology of human language.

Providing Communication Practice and Promoting Wellbeing with Virtual Reality

Eleven researchers from universities in London and Essex, UK, representing the complementary fields of communication sciences and disorders, health care economics, and computer science, have published findings from a controlled, randomized study that brought persons with aphasia (PWA) into virtual reality setting for practicing topic-oriented communicative interactions.

Trends in Telepractice During Emergency Conditions

A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) at Sophia University, Bulgaria has published findings of an online survey of SLP clinicians regarding their experiences with teletherapy since March 13, 2020, when the European Union declared a COVID-19 emergency and mandated use of distance communication technologies by SLPs in the delivery of services wherever possible.